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The Tour to Wacken in all modalities finds as common denominator the
city of Hamburg that encloses a unique beauty in Europe.

Before the Festival you will spend a night in Hamburg and we will meet with the other people on the tour. During the first day of entry we will make a small dinner in the evening among all the attendees.

Here we will talk about security issues before the festival, during and after.
KostaRockTour puts a lot of emphasis on the safety of our customers.
During the Festival, a guide will always be available.
After the Festival you will spend a night in Hamburg, to be able to cool off a bit and prepare for the return to your country of origin. * (For those who go to the package plus, their departure would be through Berlin and No Hamburg).


Our Tours offer a 24-hour Guard service, that is, we stay at the camp during the day and at night, taking care of their belongings.

* In the case of the basic package

Basic Package 


1- Bus Hamburg WOA - HAM - WOA.
2- Ticket
3- Camping Equipment
4- 2 Nights Hamburg

The Tour ends after the Wacken Open Air in the city of Hamburg.

Price: 1300 USD

Plus Category

1- Bus Hamburg WOA - HAM - WOA.
2- Ticket
3- Camping Equipment
4- 2 Nights Hamburg
5- 3 Nights Krakow (description below)
6- 3 Nights Praga (description below)

After the Festival we will spend one last night in Hamburg for the Farewell.


Includes: Train, Accommodation and attractions.

Guided tour of the city of Krakow, Concentration Camps, Wawel Castle, Visit to the Old City.


They are added an extra walk through the city of Prague, are 3 nights. Includes Train / Bus, Lodging and Attractions. Guided tour of Prague, Beer Tour, Prague Castle, Tour of the Old City.

Price:  2400 USD

Description of Camping Equipment

Because at KostaRockTours we care about our Customers during the Festival
We offer the following:
Camping Equipment

1- Inflatable mattress
2- Tent
3- Sleeping Bag
4- Blankets and Pillows
5- Camping Light

2- Powerbanks
3- Kitchen
4- Grill
5- Snacks y Soft-Drinks FREE


2021 Plus package will be to the Brutal Assault! 

Change of Packages will be available in 2021!

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Important Notes:

None of the Tours includes the flight. The interested party must acquire the flight and be in Hamburg on their own one day before

of the departure to WOA. That date will be announced 8 months before the festival.

If necessary KostaRockTours will help you get the flight at no additional cost.

If we manage payment systems, the person can communicate with KostaRockTours to devise the payment plan,

The important thing is that the Tour must be fully paid before January 1st.

In addition we will make breakfasts every morning for free during the festival.

Reservation Fee 300 USD

Tour Dates: End August

Global Itinerary 2019