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Politics of KostaRockTours


Politics of KostaRockTours

Políticas Generales

  1. KostaRockTours reserves the right of admission in Tours or Festivals.
  2. KostaRockTours does NOT refund for any Festival or Tour.
  3. KostaRockTours does not make refunds in case the client does not have his / her immigration papers in order or is held by Borders.

Comportamiento durante el Tour o Festival

  1. The Client undertakes to comply at all times with the rules and regulations expressed by tour guides during Tours or Festivals.
  2. The Client understands that attacks on the Staff, aggressions between customers or third parties are prohibited and may be grounds for expulsion from the Tour or Festival.


  1. Reservations are made only through the KostaRockTours store.
  2. In the event that the Client desires a payment plan, he should contact the Customer Service and be subject to a study to determine whether or not he is eligible to pay for installments.
  3. In case the person wishes to pay by installments and is eligible for KRT, he must cancel the installments in the established time.
  4. The Client understands if he cancels by installments, missing a quota loses the Tour and no refund will be made.
  5. Payment methods are Paypal and bank transfer.

The Client understands that when purchasing a Tour with us he accepts these conditions.